At this point we feel like
honesty is the best policy.

We are actually Stratum Nutrition. Our apologies for going guerrilla, we assure you our intent is sincere. It has become difficult to break through the swarms of digital noise and grab the attention of natural product brands that would go wild for a proactive partner with unique ingredients and a fresh perspective. 

Our hope is you can see past the well-intended ruse, have a little fun on this page, and afterwards, feel just wild enough to start a conversation.

You might have to pass on a bottle of these to your current ingredient provider.

Settling for an average non-proactive ingredient partner is a croc!

Lots of crocodile tears can be shed from lacking the science, efficacy, and marketability. Don’t settle. Give us a holler by crockie!

Dealing with a lack of product support is like chugging a gallon of this nonsense.

Lacking internal or external product development support?

Harnessing the experience to successfully milk that oh so succulent rattlesnake liquid gold takes time & is eerily similar to the amount of experience your ingredient partner should possess.

Nothing causes indigestion like poor science, efficacy, or these crispy critters.

Don’t accept “iffy” feelings when it comes to the science and product efficacy of your ingredient partner. Make sure they have your back and ain’t just chinchillian on the job.

Hopping in a time machine to source these bad boys might be easier than finding a marketing savvy ingredient partner.

You deserve a partner that offers marketing strategy insights, advice, and support that might help your product claw its way to the top, ripping your competitors to shreds. (Not literally of course – gross.)

Not choosing the right ingredient partner is d-d-dangerous.

Like a bath in this, bandwagon products sound inky-dory until your revenue's stained from oversaturation.

It's easy to get lathered and cleaned up by ingredients with similar appearance and composition as others.

Avoid taking the efficacy bath when selecting ingredients for your next product launch.

Dousing yourself in this and jumping on the next ingredient fad are both equally risky.


It’s best to stick with ingredient trends that will stand the test of time, unlike some that may leave you swollen with boils as big as your Aunt Bertha’s cheeks – we’ll let you decide which ones.

Let someone else have the oatmeal bath. Not all plant-based trends are worth it.

Similar shock sets in after onboarding an ingredient with subpar claims as a dose of these.

No shocker here, partnering with a company that doesn’t work diligently on getting marketable claims could prove slickery.

How about slithering your way past regulatory with an ingredient partner who is so revitalizing – it’s electrifying?

Like this concoction, "out with the old" leads to heartache and sleepless nights.

We agree – wanting a unique, innovative, and new ingredient is good, but sometimes new is just another spider monkey with no thumbs copying the company next door.

Be uniquely different than your competitors. Have thumbs.

Overpromised ingredients are much like the aftermath of eating this frozen decadent.

Some of the "finest" ingredients can turn out to be a big ol' pile of dung. Our ingredients can sling your product to the top of a much different pile.

Self-doubt and shame settle in after eating this. Avoid them when selecting your next ingredient.

If you’re churnin’ what we are sayin’, don’t let extreme ingredients sting you in the butt-er. Stick with ingredients backed with spreadable, consistent results.

We really do provide what
we said up there.

(Not the ridiculous products silly)

Thanks for patiently indulging us and getting wild with Stratum Nutrition. If you are in the market for a proactive, formulatin’, regulatin’, butt-kickin’, name-takin’, unique ingredient provide‘n partner, let’s chat.

The products and company represented in this page are not real but we are. The statements within this site and it's campaign have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.